Zweelie and Stripe Atlas Join Forces

Jul 26, 2023

Hello Zweelie Community,

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Stripe Atlas, a powerful platform that helps internet businesses to incorporate in the United States.

At Zweelie, we understand the challenges that freelancers and businesses face when their country is not currently supported by standard payment systems. To mitigate this issue, we have teamed up with Stripe Atlas to ensure every business, regardless of their location, can establish a U.S. entity and access a global banking infrastructure.

But that's not all. To make the process even more accessible, we're offering a $50 discount on the incorporation fees. Instead of the standard $500 fee, with Zweelie, you'll only pay $450 to incorporate your business in the U.S. through Stripe Atlas.

So why Stripe Atlas? Our Founder and CEO, Alex Hanna, shares his thoughts:

"Stripe Atlas offers a unique solution that aligns perfectly with Zweelie’s mission - creating a borderless world of opportunities. Their innovative service allows us to help our users navigate the often complex process of incorporating a business in the U.S. This partnership is an integral part of our commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive and accessible platform for our users worldwide."

The partnership between Zweelie and Stripe Atlas is a testament to our dedication to creating a platform where everyone can collaborate, grow, and thrive, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Together, we're building a world where opportunities are not just available to a few, but to everyone. Here's to breaking down barriers and to a future full of limitless possibilities!

Click here to learn more.

Warm Regards, The Zweelie Team

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© 2023 Zweelie Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2023 Zweelie Inc. All rights reserved.